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About the game

A small horror adventure at a hospital were you don't remember anything and try to figure out a way to escape but something is unusual, you are not sure what.

  • There are multiple endings

(This is the updated version of the game I am not willing to do any updates except if necessary)

If you want to give feedback comment bellow 🙂

Updated 5 days ago
Published 16 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Horror, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Unity


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Are You Sure v0.1.2.zip 97 MB

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Your certainly did a great job with the ambience; i could feel the tension as was going from room to room.

As others have said, however, the controls are a bit weird when entering and exiting rooms, and sometimes i ended up in a kind of loop….  I am not very bright.

I also expected everything to be controlled by keyboard and had a bit of trouble moving up and down the stairs because i did not understood at first that i had to click to the “up” and “down” labels. See? Not bright.

Other than that, i thought it was well done.

Thank you for playing the game 😁. I will see what I can do  to fix these problems in the next update.


hey thanks for making this game, it was really good. even though it wont help as much but i made a video playing it and it was really a nice experience. i got the bad ending which well... wasn't the best but it was something i'm satisficed with. i would suggest making it more bright since it was really dim and sometimes when u enter a room you tend to exist it in the same time because you're walking in the same direction as the exist for the room you just entered  (i hope this is making sense lol, i mentioned the problem in the video too). anyway thanks again for making such a nice game and nice sounds too.
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thank you for playing and liking my game ☺️. I am aware of the problem with entering and exiting the rooms, I just can't do anything about it but to increase the distance between you and the door. I could make it so you can exit the rooms on the bottom but then it wouldn't be visible. Thank you for the support 😁

As for the brightness of the game... Idk, it seemed ok while testing the game, not too bright, not too dark, there is supposed to be a power outage on the hospital so that's why it's dark. Maybe on the next update I will reduce the darkness.

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for the existing room problem i would suggest you to disable the player's controls the moment they enter a room and when the player release the move buttons the controls comes back. so they don't keep going in the same direction (with this solution you don't even need to make the player spawn far away from the entrance, because if its too far it might look weird).

for the dim lighting i would also suggest you to make more apparent that there's a power outage going on by adding small light sources, like warning light that doesn't work on electricity (since its advanced facility with memory erasing i bet it would fit the story) plus without any sort of lights then the actual darkness in this case wont be noticeable and ppl will just think the game is being dim for no reason but when they see a light source that shines through darkness they will be quick to realize that the game isn't dim but its because there no lights, plus if you think about it if there's an actual power outage how can the main character see his surroundings in the first place? maybe you could make the player shine (which doesn't need to be plot friendly since a lot of games does it) or maybe he can get a flashlight?  

anyway im just saying my thoughts here to help you out in a good intent so i hope you dont take this the wrong way. :)


I will consider your suggestions and I will see what I can do 😊

I really liked your ideas so I did put them on the game (some of them) ☺️

im really glad what i said did help. and its my honor to contribute in this nice game

good but think need fix

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-Hint for the game-

well actually many people have made this mistake...They usually go for the axe although that is not the way to kill the monster. You are supposed to go to the security room and grab the gun. 🙂. I shouldn't have given the answer but I got this a lot, so...